Happy Anniversary to Jeddah, the Kitten Rescued in Saudi Arabia


For most cats born on the streets, life is mean and short.

Jeddah the kitten (named for the city in Saudi Arabia where she was born) may have had one of those mean, short lives had it not been for the kindness of her human friend, Sam. We’ve featured Jeddah’s story before, from Sam’s wife’s point of view, but we figured it was time put Jeddah back in the spotlight because last week was the second anniversary of her arrival in the United States.

But how did she get here?

Sam (Jeddah’s human friend) is from the United States and was visiting Saudi Arabia when he noticed the small black and white kitten. The cow kitten would show up daily to the shawarma near Sam’s hotel to beg for food. Sam didn’t know it then, but Jeddah was also quietly begging for a home, and working her way into Sam’s heart.

Sam developed a fondness for the kitten, but it wasn’t until he noticed the little kitty had broken a leg that he decided to do something.

Sam took the kitten back to his hotel room, housing her in the bathtub until the next day, when he could take the kitten to the vet.

While Jeddah recovered at the vet, Sam visited her every day. When it came time for Sam to return to the United States, he looked at little Jeddah’s face and knew he couldn’t leave her behind.

So what did Sam do? He bought Jeddah a business-class ticket and brought the lucky kitten home with him to Virginia. Now if that isn’t a rags to riches story, we don’t know what is.

Now Jeddah is all healed and grown up, and she lives a life starkly different from the one she was born into.

Jeddah continues her journey on Facebook, where we got all these photos and where you can keep up to date on her adventures with her cat family — Nala, Cupcake, and Bugsy Bean. If you follow Jeddah on Facebook, make sure to tell them, “Catster sent me!”

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