Vacation Video: Grumpy Cat Goes to the Happiest Place on Earth — Disneyland


I have to admit, Grumpy Cat is something of a hero of mine. Like the beloved Tardar Sauce, feline star of the Internet, I too have a grumpy, gloomy resting face. Some might even say a scowl. So, I always have to root for GC being out there showing the world that pessimism can be cute, too.

Unfortunately, I’m not a cat, so my grumpy resting face isn’t considered quite so adorable, and it has yet to go viral or get me any merchandising deals. Unless there’s a sudden revival of 1980s Goth bands, I’m probably stuck making my fortune by writing for pet blogs. And for the time being, I know that if I go to Disneyland, I’ll have to wait in line to get on the teacups or the monorail. And I’m certainly not going to get a personal visit with Pluto, unlike my comrade in gloominess.

And yet, I’m not bitter (at least, not more than usual) that Grumpy Cat gets the red carpet treatment. The video below depicting her travels to Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom is, I have to admit, pretty freakin’ adorable. Even at my gloomiest (which is such high-grade stuff that even Morrisey might kvetch at me to lighten up), I can’t help but crack a smile at watching Grumpy Cat and Grumpy the Dwarf cavort around the (ahem) Happiest Place on Earth, united by their charming pessimism.

In the end, Grumpy Cat shows nicely that she’s just Too Cool for the Disney Happy Stuff. Pluto cavorts around with manic cheerfulness, welcoming Tardar Sauce into his home, and the only response the cat gives is a blas├® look that says “Yeah, whatever.” I’m pretty sure that Grumpy Cat kept true to her code and didn’t crack a smile during her whole time at Disneyland, but I couldn’t help grinning at 90 seconds of her vacation video. Of course, maybe that’s why she gets paid the big bucks, and I’m just a writer. Check it out for yourself.

You want more Grumpy Cat? We got your Grumpy Cat, right here:

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