Cats in Art
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Former President George W. Bush Switches Allegiance

The onetime leader of the free world painted a lot of dogs, but now he is focused on cats.

Cathy Weselby  |  Sep 3rd 2013

Former president George W. Bush may be shifting loyalties. No, we’re not talking about making the leap from Republican to Democrat, but rather from dogs to cats. According to a story on Gawker, the former president may be entering a "cat period" in his artistic pursuits.

The paintings were leaked by an Internet hacker who calls himself Guccifer (that’s the hacker’s name in one of the images below, not something Bush painted). More photos can be viewed on Gawker here and here. The latest painting, and third recorded cat picture, is of a black tuxedo tabby stretched out over what appears to be a refrigerator.

According to Max Read of Gawker, this could signal a shift in his focus toward feline subjects.

"May the cat period be as fruitful, as breathtaking, as charged with energy as the … dogs," Read said.

The former president’s art teacher, Bonnie Floor, says he has painted more than 50 dog paintings. Could it be that he’s tired of painting canines and is now inspired by the feline species? Are there 50 or more cat paintings to come? We’ll have to wait and see.

Via Gawker