Furry Fhrer Finds A Family


Last week, stories began circulating in the British press about a cat that couldn’t find a home because of her appearance.

The six-week-old kitten, barely big enough to fit in a teacup, isn’t missing a leg or an eye. She doesn’t have a kink in her tail. She’s not covered with scars from horrible injuries. Her only “deformity” is a black spot just above her upper lip, which earned her the unfortunate moniker of Kitler.

The kitten was found starving and almost dead at the side of a highway in Bedfordshire, England. A good samaritan brought the desperately malnourished kitten to the Wood Green Animal Shelter, where she was nursed back to health.

Now that Kitler is a playful little bundle of fur with an adorable personality, shelter staff didn’t understand why nobody wanted to take her home, so they decided to blame her distinctive “toothbrush mustache” markings that gave her a vague resemblance to the brutal German dictator.

Frankly, I don’t think the black mustache had anything to do with her inability to find a home. “Kitler” cats are a source of amusement for web nerds the world over — there’s even a website dedicated to displaying photos of cats that look like Hitler. They’re funny, not scary. And anybody who wouldn’t adopt a cat because they resemble Hitler — if you squint and cross your eyes — doesn’t deserve to have a cat in their lives, anyhow.

If the shelter really thought that their Kitler was having difficulty being adopted because of her appearance, maybe they should have named her Charlie, after the first famous person to sport a toothbrush mustache, British silent-film comic actor Charlie Chaplin.

The one good thing about the onslaught of media attention and the ridiculous drama of a homeless “cow kitty” with a black mustache is that Wood Green Animal Shelter was deluged with phone calls and e-mails from people who wanted to adopt her. And now the kitten, whose real name is Luminus, has a family to call her own.

“We are delighted to say that we have now found a wonderful, loving home for Luminus,” the shelter announced on its website, “and we hope this will be the start of a long and happy life for her, now that she has a second chance.”

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