Finders, Keepers: Home Depot Employee Adopts ‘Garden Cat’


A cat found at a Michigan building supply store has been adopted — but not by his original family.

Several months ago, employees at the Home Depot in Auburn Hills, Mich., noticed that a cat was living in the facility’s garden center. They named the brown tabby Skittles and began taking care of him, providing him with food, water, a litterbox, and a comfortable pet bed.

Skittles returned the favor by serving as an unofficial greeter for customers.

Earlier this month, Home Depot employee Jeff York and his wife Kellie decided that Skittles needed a real home.

York took the Skittles to a local veterinary clinic for a pre-adoption checkup. To everyone’s surprise, the vet discovered a microchip.

The registry revealed that the cat was owned by the Strohschein family, who lived just a couple of miles away from the store in the town of Lake Orion, Mich.

That afternoon, the cat, whose original name was Coyote, was reunited with his original caretakers.

But in the year since Coyote had gone missing, the family had adopted a new cat. It soon became obvious that there was no love lost between the two felines.

“Skittles went back to his old routine at the Strohscheins’, but their new kitty would actually hunt for Skittles around the house and attack him,” said Kellie York. “They had to keep Skittles in a bathroom for his own safety.”

The family decided they didn’t want to deal with the ongoing war between the cats. A member of the Strohscheinfamily contacted Kellie through Facebook and asked her if the Yorks were “still interested in providing a loving home” for Coyote.

The Yorks, of course, said yes.

During the course of their 22-year marriage, the Yorks have rescued eight other animals. Skittles will join a well cared-for menagerie of two German Shepherds, one German Shepherd/Labrador mix, a Golden Retriever, two cats, a Goffin cockatoo, and a peach-fronted conure.

The Yorks report that Skittles is “doing wonderful and has taken over our master suite and is putting the dogs in their place.”


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