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Aldo, Tess, And Noelle: How Catster And Dogster Saved These Three Pets

Recently, TV station KOAT in Albuquerque reported that Dogster Noelle (left) was saved from euthanasia in a shelter by the members of the Dogster community, who arranged to transport Noelle (who was on death row in a Florida shelter) to a new home 1500 miles away in New Mexico. But several of my Catster friends were quick to point out that technically, it was mostly Catsters who did the legwork to save Noelle and her two feline housemates (Aldo and Tess) from an unhappy ending, and asked me to tell the story of the Catsters behind the scenes that made this happy ending a reality.

Here’s what happened… When Noelle’s guardian (47-year-old Laurel) died suddenly in her sleep, everyone believed that her three pets were being cared for by neighbors until Laurel’s brother arrived and could make arrangements to re-home them. Instead, Catster TC (right) found out via Facebook that Aldo and Tess were missing and Noelle was in custody at animal control. TC tells the story:

I emailed Hazel Lucy (Photo Below) on a Sunday morning to provide the information she needed.  What Hazel Lucy did that day and for the next several weeks still amazes me to this day. She posted in groups; found cats that lived in the Tampa area to set traps for the cats; she arranged for another Catster mom to go to animal control and get Noelle released to her and then arranged for the 1500-mile flight from Florida to New Mexico. Aldo was trapped and adopted by another Catster family [in Baltimore] and of course Noelle is happy and living in Albequerque.

Hazel Lucy is one of the most purrmazing cats I’ve ever had the priveledge of knowing. She did not do any of this for personal gain or for any other reason than to do her best not to see good furriends and their doggie sisfurr end up in a shelter or worse.

Aldo was flown to a home in Baltimore with the special help of Catsters O’Malley, Ele’ and Gimme. His sister Tess was never trapped, despite extraordinary efforts to do so. It’s believed that she found a home with someone, since her carrier was missing from Laurel’s home. Catster Ashlye Delicious Dazzle continues the search. On a brighter note, a pregnant stray “Gorgeous” who was trapped while they were trying to trap Tess was successfully rescued. Her litter was adopted out and she’s happy in a new furrever home.

I don’t think there are many Catsters who don’t know Hazel Lucy. She’s a powerhouse of activism, whether it’s her current campaign to help Catster Miracle’s family who was recently burned out of their home, her never-ending project to knit gorgeous shelter snuggles, or offering comfort and support to Catsters in need.

But Hazel Lucy, TC, Elle and Gimme, O’Malley and the others were only part of a huge team across the globe that worked together to rehome Aldo and Noelle successfully. I’ll quote from Hazel Lucy’s Catster diary entry that names most of the other Catsters and Dogsters who donated their time, money and support to this rescue effort:

Finally, thanks to all the wonderful Catsters and Dogsters:
Tyler – Mr Boombastic’s mom, Gimme’s mom, Dogster Mollie’s mom, Ashlye Delicious Dazzle’s mom, and so many many more. Your helpful suggestions, lists of resources, your encouragement, support, and referrals, made this rescue happen, and very quickly too.

May 18th I received word from TC an Angel that Noelle was at animal control and that the cats were out. May 20th, traps were set. That same evening Aldo was trapped. After an overnight visit to his vet he went to stay with Gimme and Ele’s mom. May 23rd Dogster Noelle was freed from animal control to stay with Dogster Mollie and her mom. May 25th Noelle flew to her new home in Albuquerque to live with Catster Simon and Dogster Ziggy Stardust. June 7th Aldo flew with his new mom to Baltimore to live with O’Malley, James Tailer, Miss Jazzi and family. Meanwhile Ashlye Delicious Dazzle’s mom and Tyler – Mr Boombastic’s mom drove almost 300 miles each way to set more traps and search again for Tess. No sign of Tess. As her carrier was missing from the beginning, we felt sure that someone had her. The beautiful stray “Gorgeous” also benefited from the rescue mission. Ashlye’s mom made an expert rescue/trap move and grabbed her! She is with kittens, so more lives were saved. They will all have fine homes. A fitting end to the saga that began so tragically.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort! Read more details of the rescue here.

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