Devoted Cat Saves Dog’s Life


Mocha and Abby, two pit bull mixes, grew up together. The dogs played, ate, and slept together — they were boon companions.

But last July, Abby, a black Lab/pit bull mix, passed away, leaving her old friend, Mocha, behind.

Mocha’s human parents were sad, but Mocha was devastated. The once muscular, healthy dog stopped eating, stopped playing, and became withdrawn — overwhelmed by her grief. So shattered was the devoted dog that her owners feared she would soon die too.

But Mocha wasn’t alone in the household, however. Her furry family included three kittens — and they had a different plan.

One day, Mocha’s owner noticed that the cats, Princess Jessica, Poppy and Potter, were catching mice and bringing them to the devastated dog. Each day, the cats took turns bringing treats to Mocha.

Beyond the delivery of mice came special attention from the black cat known at Princess Jessica. Jessica took to following Mocha everywhere — even outside for her potty breaks.

The light returned to Mocha’s eyes and soon she regained the bounce in her step. Having a close companion again, even if it was a cat rather than a dog, seemed to give Mocha the incentive that she needed to get back to the business of living.

Now, a year later, Mocha, despite her 14 years of age, has regained her strength and her zest for life. Princess Jessica continues to be Mocha’s best buddy today, showing once again that love truly knows no boundaries.


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