Democat or Republicat?


Has Your Cat Ever Received Voter Registration Materials in the Mail?

In Ohio, tuxedo cat Dipped Jewitt received a voter registration application from the USAction Education Fund, with a pre-paid return envelope addressed to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office in Columbus.

Although only 6 years old — 12 years shy of legal voting age — Dipped is well into adulthood in cat years, so she probably is of legal age to vote — for a cat.

Dipped’s guardian, Jeff Jewitt, says it makes a weird kind of sense. Dipped is a good mouser, so he reasons, “… she would likely be good at smelling out a rat in political wannabes.”

How did Dipped’s name end up in some voter registration database? Jewitt guesses he filled in a form at some point on an Internet site using Dipped’s contact information.

That sounds familiar. Our own cat, Rocky (also a tuxie), gets quite a bit of mail himself

(although, as yet, no voter reg forms — that I know of). Our favorite was his official membership card and medal (which went on his collar) for the “North American Hunting Club.” Lately, he’s been deluged with material on online football betting and gaming. Porsche of Fremont keeps trying to sell him a Cayman; Harley wants to sell him a hog. Online betting must pay well. Maybe the cats like getting junk mail?

Commenting on Dipped’s voter reg packet in the understatement of the month, USAction’s communications director David Elliot admitted, “Unfortunately, vendor lists aren’t perfect.”


Does your cat get mail? Do tell! Leave a comment and I’ll publish the best ones.

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