A Video Update on Colonel Meow


As we reported the other day, Colonel Meow is in the hospital suffering from a mysterious ailment.

We’ve been wringing our hands over the Colonel’s condition, gathering in an emergency prayer circle, and asking our various deities for a Miracle Meow (as requested by the Colonel’s Slave Beast herself). It seems to be working because in this video update from Colonel Meow and his Slave Beast, we’re told that he’s “getting feisty” which is a good sign!

However, the Colonel is still in a bind. While his vital signs seem to be okay, the Colonel’s heart is “not doing the greatest things.” We’re not doctors, but we think he might be suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which can be a silent killer in cats.

But beyond the Colonel’s health, his Slave Beast takes a moment to thank all of us for our continued support of the frowny feline, and she expresses her love and the Colonel’s love for his minions.

So here’s hoping the Colonel recovers quickly because, honestly, who can we trust with global domination but Colonel Meow?

What would you say to the Colonel to help him feel better? Let us know in the comments — it’s so good to know that the Colonel actually takes the time to read everything from his minions!

Photos via Colonel Meow’s Facebook page

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