Changes for Facebook Connect

catedit  |  Dec 16th 2010

Meowzers ya’ll!

Everyone getting a bit spazzy with holiday excitement? I know we are!

But I have to write to you about an update that just went live on the sites that hopefully no one will even notice. The changes are to support the newest version of Facebook Connect because the old version is going to be depricated. A lot of people don’t use Facebook connect, but I wanted everyone to know in case you suddenly find any changes to your login experience.

If you are a Facebook Connect user (about 20% of the site is and growing) you should also notice no difference. There are a couple more permissions we need to get (to meet their changed requirements, but it’ll just be a one-time request) and we’ve resumed some ways you can push status updates into Facebook. But we’ve been testing like mad on a couple dozen browsers to make sure everything behind the scenes works exactly as it did.

If you have any problems, please contact member help. If you want you can post an issue as a comment here. We won’t publish it, but we’ll read it for certain.

Ted @ HQ