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A car on a British street.

U.K. Pet Owner Wants Change for Cats Hit By Cars

One British woman is trying to affect positive change for cats hit by cars.

Jackie Brown  |  Jan 8th 2018

A pet owner in England is petitioning to change a law about cats hit by cars. According to the 1988 Road Safety Act, all U.K. motorists are required to tell authorities if they run over a dog, cow, horse, sheep, pig or goat but not a cat.

Gemma Conway of Chickerell, Dorset, first realized that cats were exempt when searching for her cat, Bertie, who went missing. “The driver can carry on driving as if nothing has happened — when did that become OK?” Gemma told the Dorset Echo. “If a driver did hit a cat and legally had to report it, it would bring closure to the families,” she says.

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