Catster Original Video: Traveling with Cats, Sarah Donner Style


Sarah says: Traveling with a cat is no easy task. Most cat owners know the pain and drama caused by a simple trip to the vet! Like me, cats don’t deal with change well. They need to be coerced, bribed, sweet talked, and sometimes dragged into the crate.

The crate sucks, but if you know about your trip in advance, you can make the crate a haven of feline delights. Go ahead, add a little shag rug, candles, and catnip incense (kidding about the candles). Also, never ever leave an animal unattended in a car especially on a hot day. Bring a litter pan (I like to use a large cereal box or kitten litter box for traveling) with you, set it down outside your car, put Fluffers on a leash, and see if she pops a squat.

Sometimes it can calm the kitties down if they can see you or see out the window. I might put their crate up on a box so they can see what’s going on. I know it is tempting to let Flufferdoodles out of the crate especially when she is crying and using her mournful eyes to pry open your soul. I’m not saying I have never done this, but I am saying you should think about whether Flufferdoodles can fit under the brake pedal, or um, up inside the foot vent. When you get to your destination, give kitty a lot of love and sashimi.

Here are the lyrics for today’s song:

If We’re Leaving
by Sarah Donner

When you’re leaving I am sleeping
on a couch all curled up inside
You don’t know that I am dreaming
of a field of sunshine filled with mice
It’s so nice

You could take me,
But you know I won’t take kindly to a
Crate that’s crammed inside a car
I’m like a moth inside a jar
If it’s too far and out of town
I might need drugs to calm me down

So if we’re leaving you could leave me treats
inside the crate, it’s ok
Bring me tuna, it’ll do ya good to bribe me
with my favorite things
It’s conditioning

Then we could go across the road, across the country
I’ll be so good inside my box
You’ll be so proud and give me knucks
Remember put me on a leash
When we stop we both can pee
Just keep me off the airplane
I don’t trust the guys in baggage claim

Then we can go across the road, across the country!

Sources: Thanks to For the Love of Cats, the Catster forums, and!

P.S. Got a question about cats, or life the universe and everything? ASK A CAT LADY! Use the comments section below and you might just get a response…in song.

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