Meowsing the Internet in Style: Introducing the Catster Browser!

Catster HQ  |  Jun 4th 2009

Just when you thought your online Catster experience couldn’t possibly get any better, our friends over at Brand Thunder have stepped in and built an amazing (and FREE!) Catster Firefox add-on that will make the way you meowve around the Internet an even cooler experience than it was before.

You’ve got to try it out and let us know what you think! Feline unsure about what your dogs will think? They can go ahead and download the Dogster version for their yaptops… We don’t want to start any inter-species squabbles, you know… ;-)

It’s a Mozilla Firefox thing, people, so if you’ve been debating trying out Firefox, your reason to finally make that jump is here! This themed browser, along with the fact that all of our sites work best on Firefox, will help you get the most out of your Catster experience.

Read more about the Catster browser here, or install it immediately right here.