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This weekend, I’m joining other Catsters in cheering on Catster Jeter Harris‘ mom as she walks 60 miles over 3 days to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research. Most of us have previously only interacted with each other online through Catster, so it’s a thrill to meet the people behind the cats and support a worthy cause.

The video above is one in a series produced by Purina Cat Chow to tell the stories of women who found support from their cats as they fought breast cancer. It’s worth investing a few minutes of your time to watch these testimonials to the power of the paw.

This year, Purina Cat Chow is donating over $200,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure to fund research. If you take the breast cancer awareness quiz provided on their site, they will donate $1.00, up to an additional $125,000, toward the cause.