Would You Toss Your Cat Through a Snowbank to Make a Viral Video?


A video went wildly viral the other day, featuring a cat bursting through a snowbank to get at some food. It’s quite the performance. The video begins with a woman gazing outside a window on a snowy day and noticing her freezing cat outside, meowing.

Huh. Why is your cat outside freezing, lady?

In any case, the woman then opens her patio door, revealing a snowbank. She grabs a bowl of dry food, shakes it, sets it on the snowbank, waits … and blammo! Kitty comes bursting through this snowbank like the Hulk, presumably for some of this amazing dry food.

Watch it:

Awesome, right? What a cat. He’s like the greatest cat around, and we should give this lady a … what’s that? You saw something that looked like hands on the other side of the snowbank? Hands that were quickly pulled back after the kitty burst through the snowbank?

Just what are you saying? Out with it, reader! Are you saying that someone tossed the kitty through the snowbank?

Yeah, we see the way the cat landed. Yeah, the cat landed like a cat would land if someone tossed a cat. Yeah, we just tossed our cat to test it out, and sure enough she landed a little like that — more elegant, to be sure, but she didn’t have a snowbank to contend with.


But hold on! The woman who posted the video says right here in her YouTube description that the cat was not thrown! Look!

“I have been surprised but the funny reaction, but we have had some people say he was thrown through, which he was definitely not.”


So there! But still — what the heck is that thing flinging back on the other side of the snowbank if not a person who tossed a cat? You can see the object-thing-hand (?) in this frame:

What do you think? We’re inclined to believe the worst, and thus we believe it’s time for another refresher course.

Things that are appropriate to toss your cat through for a viral video:

  1. Bubbles
  2. Air
  3. Scented air
  4. Colored bubbles
  5. Mist
  6. Laughter on the wind
  7. A baby’s laughter from the next room
  8. Lightly fogged air with laser lights shining through them, like at a Pink Floyd concert
  9. Do not take your cat to a Pink Floyd concert!

If you’re tossing your cat through anything else, you’re doing it wrong, and please stop.

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