Cat tarot cards.
Cat tarot cards.

Cat Tarot Cards Feature Mystic Felines

Put a feline-fantastic twist on fortune telling with these cat-centric tarot cards.

While cats may not be worshipped today like they were in ancient Egypt, they are definitely favored pets and beloved family members. And many people believe that cats have preternatural senses.

So, cat illustrator Megan Lynn Kott has created a tarot deck featuring mystic felines to assist in divination. Megan pairs the unique feline spirit and personality of the classic cards: a cautious kitty peering from a paper bag is “The Hermit”; cats play on a carpeted “Tower”; kitties play with various “Wands”; drink from a selection of “Cups”; use their “Swords” (claws); or pursue pieces of kibble (also known as “Pentacles”).

Cat tarot cards.
Cat tarot cards.

A 108-page booklet, written by Julia Smillie, shows you how to lay out the cards and decipher their meaning. $19.95 from Chronicle Books;

About the author

Annie Butler Shirreffs has worked in the pet industry for 20 years and is currently the senior editor of Catster and Dogster magazines. A cat lover since she was a little girl, she has always had feline friends in her life. She and her husband share their Southern California home with their four cats, Agatha, Alastair, Jack and Mathilda, and an ever-changing clowder of foster kittens, all of whom enjoy being testers for cool, new products.

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