People, for the Hundredth Time, Check Your Washing Machine for Cats Before Doing Laundry!


You know how it is when you’re just trying to get your laundry done and all of a sudden you hear some kind of godawful racket coming from your washing machine?

Well, that’s what happened to Karin Bennett. But when she went to check on the malfunction, she was horrified to see her gorgeous black cat, Tabitha, staring out through the glass door, her mouth open and eyes wide with terror.

Bennett panicked. She couldn’t bring herself to open the washing machine, so she called a neighbor who quickly shut off the main breaker and turned off the electricity in her home.

Of course, when a washing machine is in midcycle, you can’t open the door even if the power is off. She ran outside and found a gardener at the retirement village, and together they were able to pry the door open.

Five hours of veterinary treatment later, Bennett was able to retrieve her poor kitty, who had been treated for shock, water inhalation, and hypothermia.

How did the frazzled feline end up in the washing machine?

It was only after Bennett began putting the pieces together that she came up with a possibility.

It started earlier in the day, when she had put a comforter in to wash and headed out to do some errands. When she got home, she heard meows. She checked all over the house and couldn’t find Tabitha, so she went to a neighbor’s house, where the cat was known to make frequent visits.

Bennett checked cabinets, closets, and even the oven, the deep freeze, and the refrigerator — but she didn’t even imagine that the cat could have gotten into the washing machine until she saw the frightened furry face.

Whether Tabitha had gotten into the washing machine with the comforter or if she’d already been sleeping there is anybody’s guess. Bennett says the cat has a habit of hiding in strange places.

It’s a good thing Tabitha survived her ordeal. And this is a good reminder to make sure your kitties are accounted for before we start the laundry. Oh, and keep the washing machine and dryer doors closed when you’re not using them.

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