Cat Survives Being Impaled by Arrow


When Max the cat returned home after a two-day jaunt, the northern California couple with whom he resides discovered that his adventures had included a close brush with death.

Brad Paquin and his wife Nancy said that it was pretty typical for their cat to go out on overnight journeys, and they expected him to return any minute.

And sure enough, he did come back — and headed directly for his food bowl. Only this time, the roaming moggy had a 12-inch-long arrow lodged in his head.

The Paquins rushed Max to the vet, where they found that the arrow had pierced two to three inches into his head, but miraculously didn’t crack the cat’s skull or cause permanent damage.

“He’s one tough cat,” said Brad Paquin. “When we got to the vet, they confirmed the arrow had been in there for at least 24 hours, so he was disoriented and had been injured for a while.”

The three-year-old feline was able to return home two days later and apparently is recovering well, with only a small hole in his ear to show for his ordeal.

“I wanted people to know this happened because, to me, I think it has to be a kid who did it. The arrow was short enough that it couldn’t have been the type of high-powered bow an adult would use,” Paquin said.

“If there is a kid who didn’t think of the consequences, or needs help and is shooting at animals in the neighborhood, that has to be addressed.”

An animal control officer has been working full-time on the case, canvassing the neighborhood, and had developed a few leads. However, authorities still have no suspects in the shooting.

Stosuy said that if they find that someone deliberately shot Max, he or she would face animal cruelty charges.

Meanwhile, Max appears unfazed by his oversized facial piercing.

But Max’s close call has made his owners more cautious.

“The cat is actually a very rambunctious guy and trying to get back outside,” Stosuy said. “But the owners have decided that he’s an inside cat now. He’s under house arrest.”

[Sources: Reuters and the Daily Mail]

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