Trigger the Cat Saves Her Owner After a Stroke


Most times, making toast in the morning carries a pretty low health risk. For 75-year-old Missouri cat owner Erna Pratt, though, putting together her breakfast brought about a stroke. Luckily, her faithful cat Trigger sounded the alarm and got her to the hospital in time for a recovery.

“I felt fine up until I dropped the butter knife and leaned over to pick it up and when I tried to straighten up I couldn’t,” Erna told the News-Leader.

This was back in November. Realizing that her legs no longer seemed to work and that it was hard for her to speak, she saw Trigger watching her with a concerned gaze.

“I said mamma needs help,” Erna recalls.

Upon hearing those words, the 13-year-old mixed Russian Blue meowed back as if understanding her owner’s cry for help.

After seeming to comprehend Erna’s plea, Trigger sped down the hallway and meowed constantly and loud enough so that Erna’s daughter heard; 911 was duly called and now Erna is back home recovering.

With a humble aplomb, Trigger seems largely unfussed with her newfound hero status. Right now, it seems that she’s most concerned with getting back to enjoying her favorite part of the winter season — scouting out a rare sunbeam and basking in its warm rays.

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