Truck Accident Saves Cats’ Lives


Earlier this week, in the wee hours of the morning, a truck was in a collision in Changsha, China, the capital of Hunan province. Although it wasn’t awesome for the driver, it was very lucky for its passengers: The truck contained 40 cages with as many as 1,000 cats that were being transported to the province of Guangdong to be slaughtered and sold to restaurants.

Ugh! I know different cultures have different preferences for foods to eat, but the idea of eating cat makes me cringe — and cry, to be honest.

As reported by the Huffington Post, after the driver was sent to the hospital, the owner of the cat transportation business quickly arrived to claim his cargo. Police officer Wang Yujing and others sent out a call for help through Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, asking area residents to assist in the rescue effort.

The rescuers negotiated with the business owner in order to secure the cats’ freedom. Eventually the people were able to buy the cats from him for approximately $1,600.

"While we don’t want to give a cent to the cruel evil, there was no other way for them to save the poor cats," Care for Chinese Animals posted in its blog.

The cats were given first aid, food, and water as soon as the volunteers could get them off the truck. The people transported the majority of them to Changsha Small Animal Protection Association, where the cats are getting more veterinary treatment.

Although it’s horrific that anyone in the world eats cat — and it’s done all over the world, not just in China — the good news is that Chinese animal activists are gaining ground in the fight against this practice. They’ve mobilized increasing numbers of volunteers to rescue cats destined for slaughter, and even the cops are starting to help save cats from the meat market.

Source: Huffington Post. Top image: Feral cat in Beijing, (CC-BY-SA) by ÕìüÕ¡ùÞè▒Õëæ

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