Comeback Stories We Love: A Routine Microchip Procedure Paralyzed Bugsy the Kitten


Did you read that article on Dogster by Crystal Maldonado and the way she backed out of getting a microchip put in her dog? In that article, a vet tech with poor bedside manner scared her out of the procedure. A lot of commenters expressed disdain for Maldonado, but what happens in the rare instances when microchipping does go awry?

Born at Fraser Coast Cat Rescue, Bugsy was 12 weeks old when she went in for a routine microchip procedure. While the insertion is quick and painless for most cats, Bugsy’s whole body spasmed, causing trauma to her spine, and leaving her paralyzed. She was seen quickly by emergency vets, but her prognosis was dim: They recommended taking her home, letting her rest, and, if her condition did not improve, allowing her to humanely go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Over the next 24 hours, Bugsy’s caretakers fed her with a dropper and watched in despair as the kitten remained limp yet still managed to purr whenever she was stroked. It seemed clear Bugsy’s days were numbered.

But then something miraculous happened. When her caretakers approached Bugsy to place her in a carrier for her final visit to the vet, the kitten awoke with a mighty stretch. She could move! So instead of taking the kitten to her death, they took her to a vet nurse, who could care for her around the clock. Under the attentive care of the nurse, Bugsy slowly regained mobility, working her way up to a shuffle.

Once Bugsy returned home, her human friends devised a sling to help her stand upright, and she’s strong enough now to chase the other cat around. It was a close call for Bugsy — fortunately it was a call she chose not to answer.

All photos via Bugsy’s Facebook page. Go check it out — and tell Bugsy that Catster sends our love.

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