Cats From Shuttered Caboodle Ranch Find Forever Homes


Zazzles was trying his best to look adoptable. He sat and looked about as family after family walked around, petting this cat or that one. He knew he’d know them when he saw them.

His forever family. Surely he would find them today. Because he was FIV+, and technically special needs, he knew he would have a harder time than some of the other cats, so he just needed to make sure his future family knew he was theirs when they came along.

And that’s when he saw them. A happy couple and three young children, in search of the perfect cat to bring home to be part of their family. He knew he was that cat; he just had to convince them.

So when the mom, Debbie Swyer, picked him up, he did his best to tell her he was meant to be theirs. When she picked him up, he flipped on his back and purred, so she was holding him like a baby. And then he wrapped his paws around her neck and hugged her and kissed her and nibbled on her chin. He did all he could to show he was perfect for them and let her know how much he loved her at first sight … and then the family walked away to look at other cats.

But Zazzles was not disheartened. He knew what he knew — THAT was his family! So he waited patiently, sitting and watching for them to come back, because he knew they would. They had to.

And a few minutes later, they did! And now Zazzles is ever-affectionate, often curling up with Swyer’s three children on the couch to watch TV, and always ready to snuggle. His other favorite pastime is sliding across the shiny hardwood floors in the Swyers’ house. It’s safe to say energetic Zazzles has found the perfect forever home!

Earlier this year, every cat lover’s heart sank as Caboodle Ranch, the cat sanctuary in Florida that we all thought was a beautiful, safe place, was shut down. The cats — hundreds of them — were all rescued by the ASPCA.

They were in varying states of health, and the ASPCA spent months making sure they got all the vet care they needed to be healthy and happy — all with the goal of finding all these deserving and wonderful cats their forever homes. That was in February, and just a few weeks ago, that big adoption event happened.

The ASPCA had set up three adoption sites in Florida, and the kitties were eager to put their best paws forward, hoping to find themselves each a family to adopt them and give them the comfy, loving home they’d always wanted.

Here are some more happy tales like the one about Zazzles.

Don’t these stories make your heart glow? Hundreds of cats found their forever homes, and we hope they all have the happiest, most loved and spoiled lives that any kitty could want.

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