The Journey of Norman Bates, the Three-Legged Cat


There are few things more devastating than an expected — and expensive — accident.

The details of Norman Bates’ accident are not really known, except that it left one of the kitty’s legs in really bad shape. Unfortunately for Norman and his family, the cost of veterinary care was beyond what they could afford. Not wanting to see the cat put to sleep, his former human family did what they could, and surrendered Norman to the Cats Protection League, who took care of the operation he needed. The operation that left him with only three legs.

Now, three-legged cats face a lot more obstacles than four-legged cats — especially when it comes to finding a home. Fortunately for Norman Bates, his new family didn’t see his missing leg, they saw only a sweet kitty who won their hearts, and they took him home even though they were expecting to just “have a look around” at the Cats Protection League. (“Right — ‘just have a look around,'” said all of you. “That’s code for, ‘We ain’t leaving without a cat friend.'”)

Despite missing one leg, Norman Bates has established his adorable reign over his new household. According to his Facebook page, he initially wasn’t allowed in the bedroom. I bet you can guess how that turned out. After all, who’s going to say no to a three-legged cat? Especially when he manages to be as capable as Norman Bates?

For example:

1. Norman Bates, get out of that tree — wait, how did you even get up there with three legs?

2. Norman Bates, put that mouse down — wait, how did you even manage to catch that mouse?

3. Norman Bates, get out of the garden — wait, how did you even get out in the garden?

4. Norman Bates, get out of the house — I mean, wait, get into the house — wait, I mean, get out of the house. Oh never mind.

5. Norman Bates, get out of my heart — wait, but you’re so cute, please stay!

All photos via Norman Bates’ Facebook page. Go check him out if you want to see him in action — there’s even video!

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