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Is This the Face of a Miracle?

A cat in Florida, thought to be dead and then buried in the backyard, returns from the grave.

Keith Bowers  |  Jan 28th 2015

“Miracle” is not the first word that probably comes to your mind when you see the photo below. But the cat in the photo, named Bart, spent days underground in Tampa Bay, Florida. He’d been buried by his owner, according to Fox40, who believed he was dead.

Bart was hit by a car, the station reports, and his owner, Ellis Hutson, buried him in the backyard believing he was dead. Thing is, Bart turned up in a neighbor’s yard five days later.

We call that either a strong will to survive, or maybe the result of someone working resurrection magic, like happened to the cat named Church in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

Bart is recovering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay — he faces surgery for a broken jaw and the dead eye — and will be home soon.