The Tailio Wirelessly Monitors Your Cat’s Litter Box Use


We’ve all been there, crouched down next to the litter box, peering into the mounds, counting them, analyzing them, meditating on them, attempting to divulge their secrets, the answers to those vexing questions all cat owners face at one time or another:

  • Is my cat peeing enough?
  • Too much?
  • Is she pooping enough?
  • Too much?
  • Is that a firm stool?
  • A loose stool?
  • Is that [poking a mound with a pencil] diarrhea?

Determining whether your cat is ill can be tough, and the cat is no help, licking her paw over there in the corner and acting like nothing in the world is wrong, because that’s what they do to avoid getting eaten by something in the wild (or the guest bedroom).

However, soon, you might get an electronic message on your smartphone that your cat has pooped, courtesy of your litter box. Won’t that be a hoot. It could even happen in a meeting.

That’s the world envisioned by inventor Alex Treiner, and it’s a world where a Tailio, the “first smart health monitor for cats,” is under every litter box. A Tailio is basically a Wi-Fi enabled scale that a litter box sits on, and it monitors your cat or cats by measuring their weight, waste, and elimination behaviors, such as how many visits a day your little one makes.

Then, the Tailio sends that info to the cloud, where, according to its Kickstarter page, “powerful analytics learn your cat’s individual profile and watch for trends in their weight and litter box behavior.”

And then, boom: “Tailio lets you know when something needs your care,” courtesy of the mobile app that comes with it.

Thus far, the Tailio has blasted through its goal of $30,000 and now has more than $70,000, with a little less than two weeks to go. The Tailio is going to happen. It’s expected to ship in spring and cost about $150.

Here’s a video on how it works:

Would you use a Tailio? Do you need to be even more connected to your cat’s elimination process than you already are? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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