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Good Samaritan Rescues Cat with Head Stuck in Soup Can

Curiosity led to the kitty's predicament, but a kind-hearted soul made him safe and warm.

 |  Sep 18th 2012  |   9 Contributions

One night while out and about Redditor brownfuzz chanced upon a truly bizarre finding. She saw an object moving of its own volition yet resembling a man-made object -- she wasn't sure if she'd just discovered a new creature or happened upon some terrible alien mutation. Upon closer inspection, she realized that she'd just found a poor kitty with his head stuck in a discarded soup can.

Oh it's a soup can with a cat body ... wait!

Brownfuzz didn't know how long the cat had been stuck in the can or if the cat had a home, but she did know that she had to help him out anyway she could. So she freed the cat from the can and then took him home for a warm bath, some food, and some healing cuddles.

Oh it's not a soup can at all! It's just a cat!

Safe and sound and cuddling after a warm bath.

The kitty is now with a veterinarian friend, who will check to see whether he's chipped or otherwise claimed by a human family. If not, he will be fostered until a good furever home can be found. Either way, the soup-can cat will receive care and comfort, and that makes us happy.

Cats are pretty clever, but sometimes they get themselves stuck between a rock and, well, a soup can, and they need our help to bail them out. Lucky for this little guy, the right person came along at the right time. Do any of our Catster readers have similar stories of rescue?

Via Reddit 


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