Cat Finds Small Comfort After Her Epic Journey


ReeCee and the Vasquez family. Image courtesy of <em>Powhatan Today</em>” class=”size-medium wp-image-4074″ title=”PT_1-11-12_Cat-web” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”ReeCee and the Vasquez family” width=”225″ height=”300″ /></p><p>Paula Vasquez got the surprise of her life when <a href=she found her cat sitting on her doorstep.

I know what you’re thinking: “A cat? On her family’s doorstep, you say? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!”

Well, yeah — it would be just another non-news story, except for the fact that the Vasquez family’s long-haired calico, ReeCee, traveled almost 100 miles to get there.

Paula moved from Powhatan, Virginia, when her husband’s job caused them to relocate to the town of Warrenton, a two-hour drive from their old home. She left ReeCee in the care of her mother, Barbara Sprouse; she figured the cat would be happier living on Sprouse’s 100-acre farm than she would be in their new home, and “we could still see her when we came down to visit.”

Besides, Vasquez says she’s really not a cat person, so she didn’t mind leaving behind the “mess and hassle” of an indoor cat when the family moved north.

Everything was fine for a couple of months, according to Sprouse. ReeCee would eat on her porch, go off to do whatever cats do in the woods and fields, and then come back. But then the cat disappeared. Sprouse searched her property, but never found her.

After a couple of months, the family assumed that ReeCee had been killed by a predator or wandered off. But on New Year’s Day, Vasquez pulled into the driveway of her new home to find ReeCee waiting patiently on her doorstep.

Paula, her husband, and their high-school-age daughter are still amazed. They have no idea how ReeCee even knew where they were living, let alone how she got there. According to Paula Vasquez, ReeCee had never seemed all that attached to the family, either.

Now, I suppose, Vasquez has been forced to accept that a cat will be part of her life. But in order to avoid that oh-so-inconvenient “mess and hassle,” she has exiled ReeCee’s litterbox to the basement and her daughter is under strict orders to scoop it every day.

Why on earth would ReeCee have made such an epic journey to return to a family where at least one member doesn’t particularly like her? Maybe she’s suffering from some sort of masochistic loyalty, kind of like a dog that gets neglected and still keeps coming back to its owner with love and hope in its heart.

Who knows? Cats have reasons for their actions that none of us will ever really understand. Maybe ReeCee still has an important job to do in the Vasquez household.

However it happened, I’m certainly impressed by ReeCee’s voyage and reunion with her family — and I hope the human members of the Vasquez family start to realize how incredible their cat is.

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