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Meet Caffrey, a Two-Legged Cat Who Will Steal Your Heart

He has both right legs, which seems troubling, but he hops around the house with the best of them.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 13th 2013

Let’s hear it for Caffrey, a tiny cat with an indomitable spirit.

We’ve seen our share of two-legged cats here on Catster (wonder cat Anakin comes to mind), but we’ve never seen anything quite like Caffrey.

Ten years ago, Persian kitty Caffrey was hit by a car when he was a tender three years old. The accident resulted in the amputation of Caffrey’s left rear leg. Then a tripod, Caffrey hobbled on, hardly daunted by his new leg configuration. Three legs is easy to cope with — at least he had the majority of them. Caffrey hardly missed his leg at all. It was like the accident never happened.

However, about four months ago, Caffrey’s front left leg developed a malignant growth. His owner, 58-year-old Sue Greaves, was faced with a difficult decision: Either put Caffrey to sleep or subject him to the discomfort of chemotherapy with no guarantee the painful procedure would save his leg. Neither option seemed right to Greaves, so, against the advice of her vet, she insisted that the leg simply come off.

The vet claimed Caffrey would not be able to walk on only his right legs and his life wouldn’t be worth living.

Proving everyone wrong, Caffrey is thriving. He jumps around on his remaining two with surprising speed and agility. Check him out in the video below.

Via Daily Mail