There’s Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Now Kitcoin for Cats Is Coming


“This is the first time cats have actually had a currency,” says Danielle Reid, one of the founders of the Kitcoin venture. In short, Kitcoin is a feline version of the Shiba Inu-based Dogecoin phenomenon, which itself is a crypto-currency spin on the Bitcoin revolution. Confused? It basically means that very soon your beloved cats will be able to own and use currency over the Internet. Hurrah!

With Kitcoin currently in the fine-tuning stages before it launches, I spoke to Danielle about whether cats can be trusted with currency, how her own kitties are going to use the system, and why it’s a feline financial model that is obviously going to be superior to Dogecoin.

Catster: How did the idea for Kitcoin come about?

Danielle Reid: Well there’s been a lot of trending about Bitcoin at the moment and I thought we need something for cats, right?

Of course.

So after the idea I randomly got in touch with a few friends — one of them is actually the founder of another cat-related start-up called Cat Academy, which is language learning through cats. I’m also doing another company called SnapCat which is selfies for cats and by cats, so we kinda came together and combined our powers for something that could be really fun to work on.

Did you consider basing it around any other animals before cats?

Not really because there’s already the Dogecoin one, and we’re really interested in the fact that cats really rule the Internet, so we thought cats really need their own currency.

If someone’s not too up on the idea of digital currency systems like Bitcoin, can you explain how Kitcoin would work?

Yeah, basically Kitcoin is currency made for cats so the currency will be owned by a cat. We’ve got to figure out the finer details, but we’re marketing it like that and we’ll see where it goes.

Will a cat need to have a good credit score to be able to use Kitcoin?

No, I think one of the things we really want to do is make it accessible for all cats. We don’t want to go too deep into a cat’s past and make it an elitist thing; we want it to be available for all cats.

The blurb on the Kitcoin Facebook page talks about wanting to empower cats through finance. Isn’t there a chance that you’ll find out most cats are really irresponsible with money?

Definitely. There’s definitely the reputation of this greedy cat, this fat-cat situation that’s happening, so obviously that could be a problem. But rather than be cautious about these things I think it’s best to dive in and then access any issues like that in the future when they happen. We don’t want to deny cats the chance to be part of something that’s beautiful because of certain fears that might not materialize.

Do you have any tips for ensuring someone’s cats act in a financially responsible manner?

I would say make sure they don’t go above their means and that they make sure they appreciate whatever they do with their money.

Who’s the cat on the Kitcoin homepage?

That is some Photoshop montage of amazing cat things from the Internet!

Does the cat have a name?

No, but I think he should. What do you think we should call him?

I’d say Maxwell.

I was thinking of something like Alistair, but Maxwell is also quite a good one — I can imagine Maxwell as a braces-wearing, cigar-smoking kind of financial cat.

Do you own cats yourself?

I do. They are called Chupa and Zoe. Chupa is so obese that it’s hilarious — he’s got this coat and he’s heavily overweight and the other day he was sitting in front of my friend and you couldn’t see the guy’s head because the cat is so massive! But, yes, I have two cats and they are going to be the first two cats to own Kitcoins before any other cats.

Who do you think will take to Kitcoin most enthusiastically, Chupa or Zoe?

Definitely Chupa. Looking at the gif on the website, that’s basically a personification of Chupa, like this luxurious and opulent fat cat.

If your own cats could take control of the Kitcoin system for a day, what do you think they would do?

I think if Chupa could do it, a lot of caviar would be involved. I feel like it would be this huge sort of mountain of caviar and this round-table situation with all the cats being all over the top and a lot of cigars smoked and champagne — so very much a lot of fish-related opulence. Anything that’s rich, really!

Do you have a launch date for Kitcoin?

Not yet, but it will be as soon as possible. We just need to work out the finer details so that it’s not just a trend but something cats can actually have. If people sign up on the site we’ll keep them informed and they can get involved.

Finally, you mentioned Dogecoin earlier. Why will Kitcoin be better?

Well obviously cats are better than dogs, right? We want to create a similar community in that we all share ideas; it should be a fun and cool community where we can discuss ruling the world and finances. I think cats would enjoy that.

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About Phillip Mlynar: The self-appointed world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats. When not penning posts on rap music, he can be found building DIY cat towers for his adopted domestic shorthair, Mimosa, and collecting Le Creuset cookware (in red). He has also invented cat sushi, but it’s not quite what you think it is.

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