Ask a Cat Lady: How Do I Get My Old Cat to Make Out with My New Cat?


This week’s question comes from Carol, who writes: I am adopting a new kitty, but I’m afraid Mr. Jango will not react well to a new friend in the house. What’s the best way for me to introduce them to each other?

Sarah Says: I have a pretty firm belief that not everybody should have a cat in this world. For instance, my boss who used to shoot chickadees with a BB gun as a child. I do, however, think people who have one cat should have more! Its better than pay-per-view. The furry wrestling, the smacks to the face, and the communal erotic licking of glands are all great reasons to adopt more cats.

If you’re going to get Mewt Gingrich a new friend, I suggest doing it over the course of a weekend when you can monitor the situation. Keep the cats in adjacent rooms for a couple days so they can sniff each other. It’s normal for them to hiss, puff up, and use obscene language upon first introduction. In my house we have a safe word if things get too violent.

Cats can take weeks or months to warm up to each other, and sometimes they won’t. They might just tolerate each other’s presence. I have a friend who had three cats, one for each floor of his house. I have four cats, and my apartment is about the size of his living room! All in all, it takes time and a lot of patience to make a transition to a multicat household, but it’s well worth it. Cats are social animals and benefit from companions. It’s a little extra poop to scoop, but in time Ron Pawl and Mewt will be BFFs!

The lyrics:

Lie in Your Sun
By Sarah Donner

I was the one who lived on your bed
I puked on your rug and slept on your head sometimes
We played with the string, I sat on your lap
It was just us, and I liked it like that

And who’s this new friend that I see you have brought?
She slept in our bed and she pooped in my box

I was the only one
To shed on your couch and lie in your sun
Hissing and scowling and taking a swat
Just goes to prove that I am the boss

Here are some tips you might not assume
Give us our space inside separate rooms

Keep switching our bedding so we’re used to the smells
In a few days, we’ll be making out

And we’ll be the only ones
To shed on your couch and lie in your sun
We’ll run round the house and break all your stuff
You’ll know we are friends when we lick each other’s
Bum bum ba dum dums … Oooo oooo

SOURCES: Catster, the Humane Society

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