Hold On a Second… A Cat and Dog HYBRID?


Gotcha! Hee hee hee!

Sorry about that, but we couldn’t resist. It is April Fools’ Day and all, and having a little fun (at YOUR expense, this time) is what this day is all about, right?

Really, now… Did you think that we had a video of Murray driving his school bus? We all know cats can drive cars, but a school bus? I can’t believe you went for it… ;-)

One of the great things about browsing the pages of Catster is that the fun and laughter that make April Fools’ Day such a hoot is present ALL YEAR ROUND on Catster. If anybody knows how to yuk it up, it’s our hilarious members!

Take, for example, all the fun stuff going on over at The Kit Kat Club group. Those guys and gals (and as of right this moment there are nearly 3,000 members!) really know how to party and turn up the fun!

And speaking of fun, what’s more fun and kooky (not to mention a little freaky) than a cat in a wig? This is what my little buddy Tailer looked like after I snuck him into Bambi’s Princess Poochie Salon and Spa! Wow! A bit shocking, but it’s actually not a bad look for him…

Super funny stuff!

While I certainly hope that we were able to get a chuckle out of you today, we were just returning the favor! You keep us laughing all year long–and we’re really glad that you do!

Have a great April Fools’ Day, Catsters!

Repetitive and heartfelt headbutts,

Your pals at Catster HQ


[The laughing cat way up top is Catster member Lilly Bush, who took her sense of humor and cuteness with her to the Rainbow Bridge in 2007.]

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