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An Update on Anakin, the Cat Born Without Hind Legs

The miracle kitten is 6 months old, tearing up bags, pouncing on balls, and generally thriving.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 2nd 2012

Remember sweet Anakin? He’s a kitten who was born without a pelvis and hind legs. While most people would have given up on him, his human, Carrie Hawks, made the extra effort to nurture and care for Anakin. She set Anakin up in a bathroom so he would be safe from hazards, like a nearby flight of stairs.

Now six months old (how the time does fly!), Anakin is thriving, and despite not being able to run and jump like most other kitties, he’s a healthy and active young cat, who enjoys scrapping with a paper bag as much as any other feline. In this video, Anakin pounces and plays as if he has all four legs. Careful, it just might bring a tear to your eye.

There’s also a retrospective of his life, so you can watch him grow from spunky kitten to handsome young cat.

We’re so happy to see Anakin thriving. A quirky kitten like Anakin is not the easiest feline to care for, especially if you don’t have the resources, so it’s lucky he fell into the hands of Carrie. The two seem perfect for each other.

You can keep track of Anakin’s life via his Facebook page and his Twitter, both of which are maintained by Carrie.

Via Laughing Squid