Eddie the Rescued Himalayan Mix Shows How to Give Face


I’d like you to meet Eddie. Eddie, like so many smoosh-faced purebred cats (Fangsy, Princess Monster Truck, and Lazarus come to mind), has special teeth. Their teeth contain magical properties that allow these cats to command you with their unique cuteness.

But look! You can’t breed magic into a cat. Some cats are more magical than others, each with their own strain of magic, and it’s just not cool to try to force the magic. ‘Cause, you see, while you and I appreciate a face like Eddie’s, not everyone feels the same way. And often these cats’ magical teeth are seen as imperfections, and then nobody wants them, and that sucks!

Eddie here came with a group of other cats from a “retired breeder” via the DFW Purebred Rescue. Okay, I don’t know about you, but when I hear “retired breeder,” I arch one eyebrow into the fine shape of skepticism. A couple of the other rescued cats ended up going to the Rainbow Bridge, but Eddie survived. Could it be that Eddie’s fabulous teeth are the result of someone trying to breed magic without being responsible about it? Watch my eyebrow arch again.

But whatever, because Eddie is here and he is giving wicked FACE FACE FACE! And now he will bestow his gift upon you:

Here Eddie demonstrates relaxed FACE, batting his bedroom eyes at us.

For sexy FACE, roll over on your back and spread ’em.

Make sure you clean everything before you give sexy FACE — nothing like a bothersome dingleberry to ruin a look.

Fierce FACE is all about thinking fierce thoughts. Don’t worry! The camera will pick it up!

Looking away from the camera gives an aura of mystery FACE.


All photos via Eddie the Face’s Facebook page, which you should go check out and tell him Catster sent ya.

P.S. How many times did I write “face” in this post?

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