5 Cats with the Luck of the Irish


Cats are known for having nine lives, but some cats must have been blessed by a leprechaun to survive incredible circumstances. We love to hear stories about kitties who’ve escaped dire circumstances with at least one of their nine lives intact, so in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are five of our favorite tales of cats who had the luck of the Irish on their side.

1. Phoenix the kitten was stuck in the bumper of a car

Poor Phoenix was just a wee kitten when he found a cozy hiding place inside a car. Little did he know that the car’s owners were heading out on a 400-mile road trip from their home in Phoenix, Arizona, to southern California — with him stuck inside the bumper.

The owners were perplexed to hear meowing from their car, but after opening the hood and finding nothing, off they went. At a subsequent pit stop, they heard the meowing again. They thoroughly inspected the car, but still couldn’t find the cat. Not knowing what else to do, they drove to their destination and then brought the car to a repair shop.

A mechanic discovered the source of the meowing. After getting under the vehicle and unbolting a plastic guard from the bumper, he reached inside and pulled out a tiny black kitten. Aside from being frightened, hungry, and thirsty, the kitten was perfectly fine.

The kitty was adopted by another mechanic in the shop and named Phoenix in honor of his original hometown.

2. Bisou survived an international flight inside a suitcase

Bisou must have thought she found the perfect place for a nap when she hopped inside her owner’s suitcase. Unwittingly, she was zipped inside and taken on a 2,000-mile journey from Cairo to London.

Bisou was incredibly lucky to survive the six-hour flight. There was enough padding to keep her insulated from the frigid temperatures of the cargo hold and also to protect her from being tossed around in a bag with hundreds of other suitcases.

Her owner, Mervat Ciuti, found the cat during the taxi ride from the airport after she got a call from a relative telling her that Bisou was missing. Fearing the worst, the cab driver offered to check the suitcase and advised Mervat not to look as he opened the bag. Much to their surprise, they found Bisou alive and well. Although Bisou has to remain in quarantine in England, she’ll be returning home to Cairo after the mandatory stay. We’re betting that’ll be her last flight for quite some time.

3. Ni Hao stowed away in a freighter from China to Los Angeles without food or water

Ni Hao survived a journey of epic proportions. The kitten stowed away inside a shipping container in Shanghai and wasn’t found until the ship docked in Los Angeles three weeks later.

This lucky cat survived more than two weeks and 6,500 miles without food or water. He was near the brink of death when he was brought to the Carson Animal Shelter. Fortunately, with tender loving care, Ni Hao bounced back and only has a slight limp to show for his ordeal. He’s now living a charmed life after being adopted by a Redondo Beach couple.

4. Oscar lost two feet and became a bionic cat

Oscar was snoozing in a field when his back paws were accidentally mutilated by a combine harvester. A passing cyclist found Oscar and knocked on his owners’ front door asking if they had a black cat. Mike Nolan rushed to his cat. “Complete panic at that point,” he said. “[Oscar was] covered in blood, bits of flesh, it was very gruesome.”

He brought Oscar to a vet who referred him to Noel Fitzpatrick, a veterinary surgeon based out of England. An email dialogue ensued and they made the decision to fly Oscar to England to get him fitted with high-tech prosthetics. Two peg-like implants were inserted into Oscar’s ankle bones, making him the world’s first bionic cat.

After a stint of rehabilitation training, Oscar was walking again on all four feet in less than four months. Said Fitzpatrick, "He was just really lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and the vet that sent him here knew that this was available."

5. Auto was attacked by an owl and then got a job at an auto parts store

Auto had been attacked by an owl and was pretty beat up. His former owners dropped him off at a vet’s office and gave him away because they couldn’t afford his medical bills. Even after he healed, his scars didn’t make him the most attractive cat for adoption.

Luckily, Richard and Monica Johnson were in search of a fierce mouser for their auto parts store and adopted Auto right away. Auto became such a huge hit with store customers that when Monica tried to bring Oscar home, employees and customers circulated a petition and wrote up a job description of Auto’s essential duties, which included greeting shoppers. And that’s how Auto became the resident cat for an auto parts store.

Do you know any amazing cats? Let us know in the comments!

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