Got your cat all figured out, do you? Think again.

When you least expect it, your beloved feline throws a curveball that leaves you flat-footed... frustrated... exasperated.

One minute, he’s a model citizen. Suddenly, he:

  • Turns into a furniture terrorist, shredding your couch, ottoman, and easy chair.
  • Starts plopping piles of vomit (or worse) on the rugs, floors, or bedcovers.
  • Turns his nose at food he’s always devoured, going on a virtual hunger strike until you present him with a new brand.
Don’t get steamed. Keep your cool and call on Catster, the nation’s favorite feline-focused magazine, to clear up these and other cat quirks.


Yes, our furry little feline friends do keep us off balance. When we expect a zig, they zag. When they should be sleeping, they’re wild beasts. When we think they’re ready to feast, they fast.

Catster, America’s #1 cat magazine, helps make sense of your kitty’s curveballs—her fickle side, her whims, her ever-changing preferences. Between our bimonthly issues and a companion website bursting with bonus material, we cover all the cat bases.

Our authoritative features and columns benefit your cat by teaching you about feline health and well-being. About behavior. About diet and nutrition. About tendencies of certain breeds. Our experts work doggedly (sorry!) to take the guesswork out of cat care. The better informed you are, the better you’ll react to (and anticipate) your feline’s next curveball—whether she’s howling at night, showing signs of constipation, or carving up your curtains with those razor claws.


No matter how long we own a cat, questions always come up.

  • Wondering what to do when Fluffy changes her mind (again) about food? Cats are notoriously finicky—so much so that Catster offers a regular column called (you guessed it) “Finicky Cat.” Noted pet behavior consultant and radio show host Arden Moore explains what to do about cats who won’t drink enough water… why you shouldn’t be so quick to push veggies on your cat… how to keep your cat at a healthy weight.
  • Worried about your cat’s dental health—a common concern—and what you can do to avoid costly bills later? It’s one of many topics covered by Dr. Arnold Plotnick, DVM. In “The Vet Is In,” Dr. Plotnick explains what to do if your cat gets into household hazards… how to handle a seizure… what to do about annoying skin conditions.
  • Confused by your cat’s skittishness and the way she’s terrified of visitors? In our “New Cattitude” column, behavior expert Rita Reimers explains how to help Simba chill out. In every issue, Reimers tackles a different attitude angle—strange but true litter box behaviors… common problems in rescue cats… why cats need “personal space.”
  • Bewildered by the bevy of cat products out there? Catster offers no-holds-barred reviews of cat trees… cat beds… catnip… cat treats… cat toys… and collars and harnesses. We even tackle the question of whether hemp and CBD oil is good for cats.

Remember: A well-informed cat owner means a happier cat… a healthier cat… a longer-living cat.


Every issue of Catster is loaded with information that helps you deal with your cat’s needs, solve her unpredictable nature, and prepare for the stages ahead as she ages.

Your cat is always there for you. Be there for her when she needs you… by being as well-informed about cat care as possible. Order now and get Catster delivered to your door and stay on top of cat-care trends. In every issue, you’ll find:

  • Health advice: Our veterinarian-authored pieces cover a wide range of feline issues. (Which vaccinations does my cat need? What to do if my cat has a fever? What are the signs of kidney disease?)
  • Diet tips: Our team is always on the lookout for the latest in nutrition recommendations for cats and kittens. (Wet or dry food—what’s best for your cat? What do I feed my senior cat? How do I avoid pet obesity?)
  • Behavior insights: Look for how-to articles on dealing with your cat’s behavior issues. (Why did Tiger decide to stop using the litter box? How do I handle rivalries in a multi-cat home? How do I interpret my cat’s arched back, flattened ears, or “question mark tail”?)

With Catster, you get a reliable, authoritative magazine. Actually, you get more than a magazine. You also get our rich digital archives. Our companion website not only allows you to research years’ worth of features, but it includes a steady stream of all-new web-exclusive articles. Subscribe today—just click on the button below for easy ordering information.