Yes, It’s a Tom Waits Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat proves to be a gift that keeps on giving. And in its latest incarnation, Nyan Cat takes on Tom Waits. Yes, for real.

Liz Acosta  |  May 4th 2012

When Chris Torres birthed Nyan Cat — the adorably strange Pop Tart kitty — little did he know he was unleashing an Internet sensation onto the world.

Somehow this simple animation became the gift that keeps on giving.

Only a year old, Nyan Cat has spawned a cult of knock-offs, costumes, homages, and merchandise.

And now, in a mash-up as weird as the original concept, behold Nyan Waits, a lurching and gravelly rendition of Nyan Cat’s famous tune fashioned after an equally cultish figure — Tom Waits.

So click here to see how long you can endure the repetition, then boast your score to your friends!

Via Laughing Squid