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Yeah, This Is Why They’re Called Ragdoll Cats

Watch this video, and you might feel as soothed as this kitty, who melts into her owner's arms.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 20th 2012

Let’s pause to take a page from the Cat’s Guidebook to Living Life. If you manage to get a copy (most cats have it memorized), you’ll notice that a large portion of the book is dedicated to relaxation. It says something like, “Cats are required to sleep a minimum of 16 hours a day — though more is certainly encouraged.” Did you know that cats actually possess time-traveling abilities, which allow them to sleep more than 24 hours a day? It’s the same time-traveling ability that allows them to be in multiple places at once. Don’t try to figure out how they do it, just accept that they can.

The point is that no one knows how to relax more than a cat does, and Ragdolls take it to the extreme. Known for being particularly docile and manageable, Ragdolls have a penchant for going limp in a person’s embrace, full of trust and ease.

Here’s a video of a Ragdoll kitten chilling out in her human’s hands to a strumming guitar soundtrack.

About to head into a stressful meeting? Just got into the office after a harrowing commute? Watch this video. It’s as soothing as a day at the spa.

Photo: Close-up of a beautiful long haired rag doll cat by Shutterstock

Via Pussington Post