By now you know that Grumpy Cat is making movie, which means that all across Hollywood, hot-shot producers are screaming to anyone who will listen that they need the next Grumpy Cat NOW, like YESTERDAY — AND GET ME A LATTE!

Well, we looked at the landscape out there and found a bunch of fresh-faced kids ready to jump aboard the grouchy kitty bandwagon.

Here are 20 cats who could be the next Grumpy Cat:

1. Crotchety Cat

2. Petulant Cat

3. Ill-Humored Cat

4. Displeased Cat

5. Disputatious Cat

6. Prickly Cat

7. Fretful Cat

8. Dyspeptic Cat

9. Touchy Cat [likeness]

10. Surly Cat

11. Bilious Cat

12. Moody Lynx

13. Thin-Skinned Cat

14. Sensitive Cat

15. Long-Suffering Lion (for buddy pictures)

16. Curmudgeonly Cat

17. Forlorn Cat

18. Combative Cat (with associate)

19. Pouty Cat

20. Crabby Cat (can also play Apoplectic Cat if you put him in a sweater)

Cats are funny. We can prove it: