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Who Is the Grumpiest Cat of All? Vote on These Reader Photos

Thanks for all the great images of your bitter, edgy little kitties. Now let's vote!

Roxy Dada  |  Mar 4th 2013

What is it about cats and grumpiness? Is it that the world is much too crude for their fine, velvety paws? Are we too dense to understand them? Are they just constantly exasperated with our obtuse human ways?

From Grumpy Cat to Colonel Meow to Henri le Chat Angoiss├®, it seems that there is little in life for a cat to be happy about. Yet, we still love them, like they’re moody teenagers … even as they turn up their noses at us and look us right in the eye as they knock baubles from our dressers.

Actually, scratch that: We wouldn’t let teenagers get away with as much as we let cats get away with.

If you had a friend who constantly glared at you and routinely ignored your requests to not walk all over the counter, you’d probably stop returning her texts. But a cat? Oh, no. You will continue to pick up catnip toys at the pet store and treat her to cans of wet food … which she then goes and hacks up into your favorite pair of shoes.

We asked you to submit photos of your cats looking grumpy, and you responded with enthusiasm. Now it’s time to vote: Who’s the grumpiest cat of all? Click on the little “Vote” icon to make your selection.