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We’ve all had days like this. You wake up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, and step in front of the mirror as if facing a firing squad. No matter how you brush your hair and no matter what outfit you wear, you just don’t feel good — as if the person in the reflection was some sort of monster that crept out from under your bed in the middle of the night to make you feel bad about yourself. You know you don’t really look that awful, but you can’t seem to shake the unflattering image staring back at you.

This kitty is having such a bad hair day that the cat in the mirror is hardly recognizable as himself. In fact, he thinks it’s an entirely different cat, and, feeling defensive, he picks a fight with the cat staring back at him. Even when the opponent cat manages to mirror his every move, the cat can’t figure out that he’s actually just wrestling with himself.

But that’s OK, we’ve all had days like that … days when we’re absolutely positive the person in the mirror can’t possibly be us, because hey, our hair doesn’t really look like that!

Does it?

Photo: Cute white cat looking at itself by Shutterstock

Via MetaTube