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While Retro is Cool, We’re Glad Leopard Walking Isn’t Back in Style

The '60s may have been swinging, but a pet leopard? We're glad that's not coming back into fashion!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 28th 2012

Let’s go back in time for a minute, shall we? Back to the Swinging ’60s, in fact. We’re talking heavy mascara on your lashes, short skirts, platform shoes, and pet leopards.

Wait, what?

Check out this clip about a woman — in a fur coat, no less! — walking her pet leopard through the streets of London. Um, we’re glad that this isn’t a retro trend coming back into style. A good pet a leopard does not make!

We’re happy to know that pet leopards in the big city aren’t really a thing anymore –and it’s crazy to think that one time people thought it was a good idea. And while it might be fun to imagine what walking a pet leopard might be like, it’s a fantasy best left to the imagination.

Also, we’re pretty sure it would be hard to find a litter box big enough for a leopard. Not to mention the giant scooper you would need to clean it with! Still, it’s always nice to have a little blast from the past, so we can feel better about how far we’ve come.

So let’s pretend: If you could have a pet big cat, which would you have? What would do? Just remember: we’re only pretending!