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Watch “A Tail of Too Many Boxes,” Starring Maru the Cat and Yes, Too Many Boxes

Maru the kitty thinks outside of the box when confronted with so many of them. Watch the latest psychological thriller from this A-list Internet celebri-kitty.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 23rd 2012

We bet you didn’t know you could be amused by something as simple as a cat sitting in boxes — especially if the kitty in question is Internet sweetheart Maru!

In the latest from this famous feline, Maru is presented with a labyrinth of cardboard boxes and a harrowing decision: Which box to sit in?

If this were a Cubist painting, Maru could sit in all the boxes at the same time!

But since Maru is no Picasso, we will happily settle for this fast-forwarded video of Maru inspecting all the boxes, much like Goldilocks sampling bear-beds.

Video via Maru’s website