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Viral Video We Love: Yes, It’s a Kitten Pikachu

Stop the presses! Alert the media! A real live Pikachu has been captured! Gotta catch 'em all!

Liz Acosta  |  May 10th 2012

Okay, well, we can just go ahead and end the Internet now because its crowning jewel of absurdity has just been birthed.

Take one part garage YouTube studio, one part Pokemon, and one part kitten and you’ve got The Hunt for Pikachu.

The lads at FinalCutKing braved untold dangers to capture and collect the most adorable kitten-Pikachu ever.

Rest assured: According to the filmmakers, “The cat was transformed into Pikachu during the VFX process,” meaning that no kittens were painted or dyed yellow in the making of this video!

A cute, fun, geeky, safe video? We couldn’t ask for more!

Via ComicsAlliance