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Viral Video We Love: Kitten Kodi’s “Dance of Intimidation”

Watch Kodi the kitten knock out some highly entertaining defensive moves against the top cat of the house, Shorty.

Liz Acosta  |  May 22nd 2012

When you’re a kitten and you’ve spotted something you’d like to attack (a shoelace, a crumpled ball of paper, a crumb, a pencil), you must immediately go into intimidation mode.

Which is exactly what Kodi the kitten does, when he spots Shorty the cat at the end of the hallway!

Watch as he expertly arches his back and employs the weaving Cat Ninja Side Step to slowly set upon his target. It’s like a slow battle ballet with Kodi en pointe!

Kodi and his pal Shorty have become quite the Internet sensations after their human posted a tutorial on introducing cats to each other. Starring the two cats, who are both shelter rescues, the video plays like a reality TV drama, as the kittens learn to coexist and eventually go from enemies to cuddle buddies.


Even though the kitties may be fast friends now, Kodi still likes to pounce on Shorty from time to time. Those kittens! Such upstarts!

If that left you a little stressed out, we invite you to relax with some cat yoga from Shorty.

Ah yes, nothing like Lion Face with Tongue Sticking Out to help you find your center. Na-meow-ste!

Photos via Shorty the Cat’s Facebook page.