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Viral Video We Love: A Bossy Chick Henpecks a Cat

Watch Chick the, um, chick have his way with Oscar the tabby cat. (Note Oscar: Don't eat Chick!)

Liz Acosta  |  May 24th 2012

Cat ladies, does your boyfriend sometimes accuse you of being a bossy chick? Next time he tries to pull that line on you, just show him this video of a really bossy chick — a brave bossy chick, too, who insists on cuddling up with her natural enemy — a cat!

We’ve gotta give Oscar, the tabby in this video, major props. He must be the most tolerant, most patient cat on the planet, because that little chick really doesn’t hesitate to poke and prod and peck until she gets what she wants: that warm snuggly spot in the kitty’s armpit!

Perhaps it’s a much-needed makeup cuddle session after the falling out between Oscar and Chick captured in this video.

We can understand why Oscar might be a little hesitant to show affection after an argument like that, but we’re glad that he eventually opens up to Chick. Relationship repairing is essential to domestic peace and healthy families.

We know that Oscar ultimately loves little Chick — just look at the way he protects her by wrapping his paw around her. Awww, so cute!

We’ve sure seen a lot of strange cat combinations on Catster lately! First it was a cat and a rat snuggling up together, and then a cat and a dog sharing a salad! What’s next?

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