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N2 the Talking Cat Delivers Style Tips for Fashion-Forward Kitties

Today's lesson is "How to be preppy." You want your cat to be preppy, don't you?

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 26th 2012

So here’s something to distract you from that mountain of work on your desk.

We know lots of cats with YouTube channels, lots of cats with cartoon shows, and lots of cats with wardrobes more colorful than our own. We’ve seen lots of absurd things here. But we’ve never quite encountered a cat like N2, who not only “talks,” but has his own album as well.

Despite frequent interruptions from his cat friend Kona, N2 demonstrates how to be preppy — you know, just in case you were wondering (we know you were). According to N2, it all starts with your stance, or “stahnce” as N2 says (that’s how you spell it in a faux-British accent, or something). Sit with your front paws shoulder width apart and your back nice and straight. A preppy stance elevates almost any outfit to a new level of sophistication.

Then N2 models a series of sweaters (complete with argyle pattern), a sporty fake fur-lined jacket, and even a tuxedo for eating out at fancy dinners. Kona attempts to assist N2, but, according to the discerning taste of N2, Kona more often fails to meet preppy standards. Kona doesn’t really seem to care.

If you need more direction from N2, don’t forget to check out his site here. And, yup, there’s a Facebook page.

Photo vido N2’s Facebook page