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Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs, Says Some Funny Fake Science

The only thing this video proves is it can make you laugh.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 21st 2012

It’s an old question: Which are smarter, cats or dogs?

While you might say there is no definitive answer, since comparing cats to dogs is like, well, comparing cats to dogs (or apples to oranges), we say that dogs suit some people better while cats are the purrr-ferred companions for another type of personality. Yet still some people engage in the debate, and it seems that “science” (or a sciencey-sounding narrator) has settled it once and for all.

The short answer? Cats are better.

You’re reading Catster right now, so you might be thinking, “Why yes, of course cats are better. It’s obvious, isn’t it?” If you’re a dog who has accidentally wandered onto our site, then we’re shocked, because we didn’t know that dogs could operate a computer mouse with the instinct of a cat. We’d also like to kindly ask you to leave — we have cat stuff to talk about here that doesn’t concern dogs. In fact, we were just about to gossip about dogs.

So, dear cats, allow yourself a moment of self-congratulation as this video scientifically explains why cats are better than dogs. Warning: This video contains no real science, but it will make you giggle.

P.S. Just so you know, we officially love cats and dogs equally here.

Photo: Scientist cat playing chess by