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Guess What? We Found Your Christmas Morning Soundtrack and It Features CATS

You've been so good this year that Santa Claws is gifting you this amazing cat-themed bit of VHS 90s nostalgia before Christmas. Enjoy!

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 23rd 2013

Had I known my purple velvet Airwalks of the 90s would become A Thing again in 2013, I would have hung on to that magnificent pair of shoes (also, no, I have not grown since sixth grade, so yes, they would still fit). Alas, those shoes are long gone, and all I can do is pine for that time of my life when I wore overalls every day of the week with one of those felt hats with a big fake flower affixed to it. Now all that stuff is back in style and more overpriced than it was before, so I’ll just have to confine my ’90s nostalgia to watching The Lion King and wondering what the heck happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas (sooo dreamy).

Fortunately, for my Super Amazing Indulgent Christmas for One, I’ve also got this endearing piece of VHS glory.

Ummm, yes, it’s a video of Christmas songs “sung” by cats. So guess what I’m doing this Wednesday? I’m kicking my feet up to the Lil BUB Yule Log and then I’m playing this video of cat carols all day long while I eat pancakes and guzzle mimosas. My neighbors are totally stoked!

However y’all are celebrating, I sure hope you play at least one or two tracks from the amazing Jingle Cats.

Which track is your favorite? MIne is “We Three Kings” at the 16-minute mark.

Top photo by Sean Thornton

Let Catster make you laugh:

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