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Cats Make Sunday Housework a Day at the Spa

Most cats we know dart in terror at the sound of a vacuum cleaner, but these kitties just can't seem to get enough!

Liz Acosta  |  May 21st 2012

Kitties all over the world are catching on to the latest furshion trend.

Cats are ponying up hundreds of dollars for the latest beauty treatment.

Want to get this hot new look? Skip the salon, because the secret is already stashed in your closet!

It’s called vacuuming, and all the cats are doing it now!

Once terrified of these clean machines, cats are discovering their beauty and body benefits.

For example: Regular vacuumings help eliminate sheding fur, greatly reducing unpleasant and uncomfortable hairballs. The procedure gives cats’ fur volume and lift, resulting in that “just been startled” look that makes the tom cats go wild and sends small dogs running in fear. Not to mention that a good vacuum is like a nice massage, stimulating the epidermis and perhaps removing an unslightly flea or two.

Throw in some catnip, a can of wet cat food, and a trickling cat water fountain, and Sunday housework suddenly becomes a day at the spa.

So what’ll it be? The more traditional and trusted Hoover? The edgier, rebellious Dirt Devil? Or the fancy upscale Dyson?

The next you bring out the vacuum cleaner and your cat shows interest instead of bolting under the bed, you’ll know why!