What’s In and Out for Trendy Cats This Season

What are feline trendsetters declaring hot or not for the fall? Find out here.

Michael Leaverton  |  Sep 11th 2012

Weight Management Dietary Cat Treats are out, out, out for the fall season, according to top trendy cats from, what the heck, all points on the globe. But slow-moving mice and injured birds? GIMMIE, say feline trendsetters. Here’s what’s trending up and trending down in the cat world, according to cats.

IN: Grilled, boneless chicken hand-served by your human straight from the fridge at 3 a.m.

OUT: Automatic cat feeders that pop open at 8 a.m.

IN: Warm, clean towels from the dryer.

OUT: Being kicked off warm, clean towels from the dryer.

IN: Brooms and whisper-quiet dusters.

OUT: Vacuums or any sort of handheld power vac.

IN: The back gate always being left slightly open.

OUT: Being shoved in a crate and going to the vet for shots!

IN: Curling up on a couch.

OUT: Curling up on a chair.

IN: Friskies Party Mix Wild West Crunch Cat Treats.

OUT: Weight Management Dietary Cat Treats with Glucosamine.

IN: Incessant meowing until a nice wet breakfast is served.

OUT: A sad bowl of dry kibble going stale throughout the day.

IN: Patches of sunlight.

OUT: Patches of sunlight that move.

IN: Slow-moving mice; deaf birds.

OUT: Dogs!

IN: Boxes from the mailman left scattered throughout house.

OUT: Boxes broken down and stacked neatly in recycling bin by godforsaken human.

IN: Cosmic Catnip’s Fast Growing Catnip

OUT: Banana catnip toy left under the dresser for six months.